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Contact Countree Outfitters and HuntsWhenever anyone buys something or pays for a service they want to feel good about it. They want to be sure that their money is paying for something they really want - something that will be worth it. At Countree Outfitters it is our commitment to offer guests competitively priced hunts that are worth their hard earned money. You’re paying for more than just a hunt; you’re paying for an experience, excitement, and whatever you can squeeze out of your trip. As far as we’re concerned, those things are free. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t share the same passion as you did and we’re proud to offer hunting packages that are priced to get you out there.

Our expert guides make hunting the fun and exhilarating experience that we have fallen in love with and hope to offer to our guests. Our Nebraska guided hunting trips eliminate the stress of hunting in an unfamiliar area, enabling you to enjoy hunting for what it is without distraction.

With Countree Outfitters you can count on getting what you paid for and more. The hunts we offer, the knowledge and experience of our guides, and our general way of doing business ensure that.

Our hunting packages include:

Deer HuntingWhitetail Deer Hunts: Our fully guided Nebraska whitetail deer hunts include food and lodging and are available for rifle, black powder and bow hunts. Don’t forget that you can also book a variety of hunts such as Turkey and Pheasant hunts as well. With new leases every year, our deer hunting is getting better and better. Archery hunts begin in late October and run until rifle season which begins in mid November. Black Powder hunts begin in December and close at the end of the month.

On our Whitetail Deer hunts you will be hunting from stands overlooking trails and fields. Our success rate is very high. Rifle and Black Powder averaged an 80% success rate in the last three years, with Bow averaging 50%. Black Powder and Rifle shot opportunities were above 90% and bow opportunities at 75%. When hunting Nebraska whitetail deer it’s important to remember that straight shooting is always a plus. Archery and Black Powder whitetail deer hunts run for 5 days and 6 nights while rifle hunts run for 4 days and 5 nights.

  • 4 Day Rifle Deer Hunt - $2500.00
  • 5 Day Bow Deer Hunt - $2000.00
  • 5 Day Black Powder Deer Hunt - $2000.00
Mule Deer Hunts (Availability Varies) - $2500 At Countree Outfitters we are proud to offer our guests exciting and affordable Nebraska Mule Deer hunts. Our trophy mule deer hunts are sure to be an amazing experience, and with quality hunts becoming harder and harder to find we are happy to offer our guests Nebraska mule deer hunts with high success rates. Don’t miss your chance to hunt trophy mule deer using spot and stalk tactics.

Turkey HuntingTurkey Hunts: Turkey Hunts are a great addition to any hunting season. We offer both 3 day semi guided hunts, and 3 day fully guided hunts. On semi guided turkey hunts, our guides will take you out the night before your hunt begins and put birds to roost with you, the next morning you return to the same area and begin your hunt. Although similar to the semi-guided hunt, our fully guided hunt is just that—fully guided. Just like all of our other hunts, your lodging and food are included. Our turkey season generally opens in mid April and runs through May and you may harvest up to two toms per hunt.

  • 3 day semi guided turkey hunt - $700.00
  • 3 day fully guided turkey hunt - $1100.00
Pheasant Hunts: Just like our turkey hunts, pheasant hunts create memorable opportunities that are enjoyed by our customers year after year. With some of the best pheasant hunting in the country, the opportunity is one that you will not want to miss. We offer a variety of options with our Nebraska pheasant hunts; from stocked pheasants to wild Nebraska pheasants. Bag limits on our Nebraska wild pheasants is three per day, and stocked pheasants have no bag limit! (We start hunting in mid October and hunt through the end of March).

  • Full day wild Nebraska pheasant hunt for 3 birds - $225.00
  • Half day pheasant hunt for 5 birds - $150.00
  • Full day pheasant hunt for 10 birds - $300.00
  • Full day hunt with 4 or more hunters - $275.00
  • Add chukar to your hunt - $10.00 per bird
  • Add quail to your hunt - $6.00 per bird
  • Group rate: Up to 8 hunters and 100 pheasants- $1750.00
  • Group rate: Up to 4 hunters and 50 pheasants- $1000.00
  • All bird hunts include: lodging, meals, guides, dogs, cleaning of birds
(call for availability and dates) Phone: 308.278.2522, Cell Phone: 308.340.0539
Email: hunting@countryoutfittersandhunts.com

Waterfowl hunts: Also a great addition to a deer, turkey, or pheasant hunt, waterfowl hunting is yet another exciting opportunity to take advantage of in southwestern Nebraska. Not only does waterfowl hunting offer a great experience at a low price but it does so without sacrificing the excitement and joy that hunting provides.

  • Waterfowl Hunts - $275.00 Per day
  • Add a half day of pheasant hunting (up to 5 birds) - $350.00
(call for availability and dates) Phone: 308.278.2522, Cell Phone: 308.340.0539
Email: hunting@countryoutfittersandhunts.com

Predator Hunts: Predator hunting in Nebraska offers you excitement, exhilaration, and an amazing hunt without forcing you to empty your pockets. On our predator hunts, you hunt the hunter and predator hunting in Nebraska has never been better. We are proud to offer our guests amazing predator hunts at equally amazing prices. Not only is it affordable to experience a predator hunt but it only costs $100 more to share the experience with a friend. Our local Nebraska predators include: bobcats, coons, coyotes and prairie dogs.

  • One Person Predator Hunts - $300.00 per day
  • Two Person Predator Hunts - $400.00 per day
Dove hunts: Dove hunts are both fun and challenging and are an ideal addition to a half day of pheasant hunting. Our affordable dove hunts offer you both a change in pace and a bit of variety.

  • 15 doves per day - $150.00
  • Add a half day pheasant hunt (up to 5 birds) - $150.00
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