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Southwestern Nebraska Boasts a Nearly Unparalleled Wildlife Population

Home to a diverse terrain ranging from grasslands to rolling hills, Southwestern Nebraska boasts a nearly unparalleled wildlife population and an environment appealing to hunters nationwide. Countree Outfitters, located along the Republican River is near the Kansas border and surrounded by numerous creeks, streams, rough canyons, crop fields and river bottoms. Our hunting acreage is located in the following counties: Hitchcock county, Red Willow county, Frontier county and Hayes county. Surrounded by three prominent geographic areas, the sand hills, the Platte River and the rainwater basin the areas we hunt are as diverse as they are impressive, offering a wide variety of hunting experiences. This terrain has helped the area to maintain a very constant and healthypopulation of wildlife. We are locatedSouthwestern Nebraska, Impressive Wildlife Population in an area well known for a rich plains history and are a few hours east of the historical Ogallala Grasslands and the Pike National Forest.

The state of Nebraska contributes an eastern section of the Great Plains and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With surfaces ranging from smooth, to rough, and sometimes even mountainous the diverse landscape of Nebraska ranging in the extreme from grassland to the Rocky Mountains is conducive to a hearty population of wild life. In addition, the climate of Nebraska is temperate and the atmosphere is often dry with gentle winds. Many describe the temperature as very agreeable and lifting. The average temperature in Nebraska is generally around 22 degrees in January and roughly about 94 degrees in July.

Unforgettable Landscape of Southwestern Nebraska

Sportsmen hunting in southwestern Nebraska will not only be amazed by the dense wildlife population encouraged by the terrain but also the spectacular sense of wonder created by the creeks, canyons, and wide open spaces of a remarkable part of the country.

Contact Countree Outfitters and HuntsThis unforgettable landscape of Southwestern Nebraska provides an amazing hunting experience, and the way we treat the wildlife and environment continually ensures that hunters will have a high success rate. At Countree Outfitters we make it a point to never over hunt the 30,000 private acres available to us. Hunters will not generally end a hunt without seeing a quality animal. We only book the amount of hunts that our land will support. This is not to say that there is not an abundance of deer, we simply are interested in maintaining a large deer population so there is always something for our guests to hunt.

With 30,000 private acres of land to hunt, a robust wildlife population, and a low human population there are unparalleled opportunities for amazing guided deer hunts, pheasant hunts, turkey hunts and more. It would be a shame not to experience unforgettable hunting in a landscape that is literally a piece of our country’s history, well known for its exploration by pioneers and its humble beginnings as a frontier state.

At Countree Outfitters we make it our first priority to offer our guests:

  • A Hunting environment that promises success
  • A Wilderness setting, devoid of the distractions that take away from hunting
  • Robust populations of Nebraska white tail deer, pheasant, and turkey
  • Knowledgeable and friendly local guides who know exactly how to find the trophy white tail deer, trophy mule deer, pheasant, and turkey that our guests are looking for.
  • The comfort of home with a hunting experience that’s hard to find
  • Unbelievable opportunities for the best guided white tail deer hunting, mule deer, Nebraska pheasant hunting and turkey hunting in an amazing area.
  • 30,000 private acres to hunt on.
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